Our Terms of Service

Using Mach Host's services for illegal purposes or in support of illegal activities is not allowed. Subscriber shall be responsible for determining what laws, regulations, ordinances and court orders are applicable to its use of Mach Host's services.

Mach Host reserves the right to amend, and may amend, from time to time, within its sole discretion, the terms and conditions of this TOS Agreement.

Mach Host Not Liable : The service that Mach Host provides to, or is to provide to, Subscriber is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis, and Subscriber's use of said service is at Subscriber's sole risk.

Subscriber's Responsibility For Server/Equipment: Subscriber is solely responsible for packaging and removing from Mach Host's premises/control any/all servers and equipment owned or controlled by Subscriber. Subscriber shall pay Mach Host a $30.00 handling fee plus all shipping costs per package for any server/equipment which is shipped The Subscriber is responsible for insuring any/all shipments. Any server or equipment not removed within 30 days after cancellation of this TOS Agreement for any reason will be considered abandoned and forfeited.

Taxes: All prices and fees specified in or referred to in this TOS are stated exclusive of any tax, including withholding tax, sales, state. local, city, use, value added, levies, import and custom duties, excise or other similar or equivalent taxes imposed on the supply of services. Any taxes, sales, state, local, city use, levies, excise, withholding taxes or similar charges, direct or indirect, applicable or to become applicable, which are levied as a result of the supply of the services shall be borne by the Customer.

Refunds: All payments are only refundable between first 3 days after payment clears.

Additional Charges for Failure to Timely Pay: Without limiting Mach Host's right to, at any time for any reason, cancel this TOS Agreement and permanently disconnect the service that Mach Host provides to Subscriber, should Mach Host suspend the service that Mach Host provides to Subscriber because of Subscriber's failure to timely pay any fee or amount due to Mach Host, Subscriber may be required to pay Mach Host, in addition to any fees and amounts due a $20.00 late fee.. Suspension of service does not relieve Subscriber of any responsibilities.

Facility Access: Visits to Mach Host's facility must be scheduled at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the visit. Should Subscriber need emergency access to Subscriber's server computer, Subscriber must contact Mach Host technical support and request access at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the emergency visit. Subscriber shall submit a photo ID for Mach Host's records prior to Subscriber's initial visit to Mach Host's facility. Guided tours for prospective clients (non-subscribers) are permitted, at the sole discretion of Mach Host, only during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, and should be scheduled at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance;

Colocation Remote Hands Fees: Client agrees to pay $75.00 an hour fee for remote hands for services in 1 hour minimum billing increments.

Co-location Client Access: Access to Colocation servers is allowed during normal business hours with advanced notice by opening a ticket in the CRM. Clients with full cabinets my be provided with access under certain conditions and requirements including meeting insurance requirements. Any colocation server or equipment not removed within thirty (30) days after cancellation of this TOS Agreement for any reason will be considered abandoned and forfeited.